Free Tower PC to give away

Thanks to our customer John & Jennifer Henderson who donated two PCs to the workshop, and it can be a great first computer for kids.

It comes with Intel Pentium(R) 4 3.00GHz CPU and was 512MB RAM. We upgraded the RAM to 1.5GB. The hard drive is 120GB IDE and had been securely wiped up. The PS/2 keyboard and mouse will be with the Tower PC, however, as we don't have spare monitor at the moment, you will have to buy one yourself. Officeworks had special $65.00 for 17" monitor before, not sure if still available, but they always have 21" for $98.00

WARNING A Massive Ransomware Infection WannaCry Is Spreading Globally Right Now


Ransomware WannaCry attacked 230,000 computers in over 150 countries on last Friday 12/05/2017. Among those been attacked were more than a dozen hospitals in England, a telecom in Spain and FedEx's offices in the UK. Russia, Ukarine, India, China, Italy and Egypt are also attacked. Though Australia's critical infrastructure or Government agencies haven't been affected according to Assistant Minister.

WannaCry targets the Microsoft Windows operating system, encrypting data and demanding ransom payments from $200 - $1200 in Bit Coin.

Windows 10 free upgrade?


Windows 10 free upgrade deadline has expired, but can we still activate Windows 10 using a Windows 7 or Windows 8 Product Key for free?

Microsft said that Windows 10 free upgrade stopped at 29/07/2016, so it did. Now you can't see the upgrade icon on your taskbar anymore, but do you have to pay $149 to upgrade to Windows 10? Not necessarily so far as long as you have the correct edition of Windows 10 TH2(1511) Installer ISO. Just run a clean Windows 10 install and use your Windows 7/8 Product key, you can still activate your new Windows 10. (Tested on 31/08/2016)

Don’t like Windows 10?


windows 10 downgrade

Although Microsoft has stopped Windows 10 free upgrade at the end of last month, there are more people coming and want their Windows 7 back. Those people either get used to Windows 7 or just simply don't like Windows 10. After all it looks a little bit similar to Windows 8. But the techs/geeks know, Windows 10 is way better than Windows 8.

Bigpond Email Settings?

Bigpond email settings,,

In Taree area, some customers use Telstra Broadband as well as their email services and the bigpond email settings can be tricky. Here is the most recent cheat-sheet for bigpond emails.