Don’t like Windows 10?

Windows 10 downgrade


windows 10 downgrade

Although Microsoft has stopped Windows 10 free upgrade at the end of last month, there are more people coming and want their Windows 7 back. Those people either get used to Windows 7 or just simply don't like Windows 10. After all it looks a little bit similar to Windows 8. But the techs/geeks know, Windows 10 is way better than Windows 8.

For those people who upgraded from Windows 7, they can always downgrade back, either through Windows 10 "Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery" if less than one month upgraded or just do a clean Windows 7 install.

However, for those new computer owners, if their computer comes with Windows 10 Home, there is no chance that they can downgrade to Windows 7 without a cost. You will find out only Professional&Ultimate Versions are able to downgrade to Windows 7 if they choose. Home premium and basic are not included.