Be careful with Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) has been released for quite a  while. It causes so much problems and many people just want to wait and see:

1. Graphics Drivers issue causing black screen problem
2. No sound
3. No Wi-Fi available
4. USB device not recognized
5. Bluetooth not available
6. Freezing system
7. BSOD for Windows 10 with both Intel Skylake Virtualization Technology and Avast
8. Cortana disappears
9. Unable to login with password nor pin number
10. Remote Desktop problem, unable to remote connect
11. Remote Desktop Connection works but RemoteApp stopped working
12. Network printers disappear
13. Photos and music are all missing
14. Settings are reverted
15. Only 10 days to be able to roll back to previous build

Problem 1-5 are mostly drivers issue, you will be fine as long as you download and install the latest drivers. However some of the problems you will have to wait until Microsoft has a fix.