WARNING A Massive Ransomware Infection WannaCry Is Spreading Globally Right Now



Ransomware WannaCry attacked 230,000 computers in over 150 countries on last Friday 12/05/2017. Among those been attacked were more than a dozen hospitals in England, a telecom in Spain and FedEx's offices in the UK. Russia, Ukarine, India, China, Italy and Egypt are also attacked. Though Australia's critical infrastructure or Government agencies haven't been affected according to Assistant Minister.

WannaCry targets the Microsoft Windows operating system, encrypting data and demanding ransom payments from $200 - $1200 in Bit Coin.

Ransomware usually infects a computer when a user opens a phishing email, but WannaCry goes further by using an exploit to infect old Windows system. For Windows XP/Vista/7 haven't installed the patched updates, they are open to this ransomware. For Windows 10 users, if they open the phishing email and they don't have malware protection, they will still be infected.

Ransomware costs the Australian economy $1 billion a year conservatively.

The only way for small businesses and home users to protect their valuble data is BACKUP.