Shadowsocks - Swiss Knife To Circumvente sensorship

WARNING - Shadowsocks is not an alternative to VPN, it will not protect your privacy.

There are so many reasons that people need Shadowsocks some times and this guide is just an easy following instructions.

1. Server setup

  • Install Google BBR
  • Install Shadowsocks on CentOS 7

    yum install python-setuptools && easy_install pip
    pip install git+
    yum install libsodium python34-pip
    pip3 install  git+

  • To run Shadowsocks in the background
    ssserver -p 443 -k password -m aes-256-GCM --user nobody -d start
    To stop
    ssserver -d stop
    To check the log:
    less /var/log/shadowsocks.log

  • For Windows installation, install python&pip first

2. Client setup

  • Download Windows/Android/iOS/Linux client
  • Android
    Search shadowsocks-android on Google Play
  • Windows
    Download from