Free Tower PC to give away

Free PC

Thanks to our customer John & Jennifer Henderson who donated two PCs to the workshop, and it can be a great first computer for kids.

It comes with Intel Pentium(R) 4 3.00GHz CPU and was 512MB RAM. We upgraded the RAM to 1.5GB. The hard drive is 120GB IDE and had been securely wiped up. The PS/2 keyboard and mouse will be with the Tower PC, however, as we don't have spare monitor at the moment, you will have to buy one yourself. Officeworks had special $65.00 for 17" monitor before, not sure if still available, but they always have 21" for $98.00

You can still find the Pentium 4 CPU on new low-end computers on the market and the speed is alright. Everything functions Okay except for the DVD burner.  The Operating System is Windows 7 32-bit and we have installed some common programs like VLC, FireFox, Google Chrome and OpenOffice, so no problem to watch movies, play music, edit word/excel documents or browse Internet.

There is no build-in wireless adapter inside, you can plug the Ethernet cable in to use Internet and watch youtube.

Give us a call or drop in to the workshop to pick it up. Only one available at the moment.

Please note this PC has been tested over a week on the work bench running no problem, but there is no warranty with it.


Tower PC


Free PC