Service Areas

We provide a Mobile Service for Manning & Great Lakes residents and businesses as well as the option of a Workshop Service whereby we repair your machine onsite at our workshop.

Mobile Service

We cover both Northern and Southern Areas of Taree

We provide a Mobile Service to customers (businesses and home users) within around 10 minute drive north and south of Taree, including Taree & West.

We do not charge a call out fee for our Mobile Service, nor is there a minimum one hour service fee, nor do we charge travel time.

If your home or business is outside our Mobile Service Area we are still likely to be able to help you, but we may have to charge a flat fee to cover the petrol and travel time. Please see Price List.

Workshop Service

Repairs and Services at our Workshop

You are welcome to bring your troublesome computer into our workshop for repairs.  A great deal of our residential customers make use of this option as it means that they are not tied to their home at a particular time and  for a particular period of time which depends on the complexity or not of the repair job or IT service that is required.

Our workshop is in Taree, only 2 minute drive from Manning Base Hospital. Our address is 24 Little Wynter Street, Taree NSW 2430. The entrance is clearly signed and you will follow a path to easily locate the workshop.

As a result of our affordable rates, expert technical expertise and friendly service customers bring their computers to us in Taree from all around Manning and Great Lakes.

Mobile or Workshop Service

Most of the time the choice is yours.  There are however some IT issues and repairs that need to be done onsite at your home or business such as wireless internet connection problems.

Sometimes jobs done in our workshop can work out cheaper as we can save time – and your money – by not having to wait while your computer performs a lengthy system operation such as re-installing your operating system, backing up files, harddrive scan or virus scan.  We can use this ‘down time’ to prepare for other work, and naturally you are then not charged for this time, which you would be if we spent all the time required offsite at your home or business.

Some of our new customers prefer to come to our workshop to ‘inspect’ the premises (and us!), whilst others (until they get to know us) prefer us to work in their home or office so as to check our expertise and make sure we are trustworthy.

Other customers don’t care either way, they just want their computer or IT problem resolved quickly and affordably.